Our Chain of Trust

Everyone has their own “colony” of trusted colleagues they want to work with again and again. That idea framed how we built our own Colony, which includes 1,000+ senior leaders across six continents. It started with Caitlin’s own colony and grew over time through trusted referrals and rigorous assessment.

Advisors share an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for solving complex challenges. We ultimately accept only 20% of people who are interested in joining The Colony.

Here are some benefits of being a Colony advisor:

Opportunities worth your time

Time is your biggest resource constraint, and we help you manage your work portfolio and build experience in the areas that most interest you.

Two-sided prequalification

We interview client-side executives about their passions, values, skill sets and more with the same rigor we apply to advisor onboarding to ensure there are equal incentives for every engagement.

No more red tape

No more negotiating with client companies or figuring out what to charge them. We handle it all and pay extremely competitively.

Knowledge on any topic

Reach out when you want to learn about a new framework, technology, or trend; we’ll find a relevant advisor for you to learn from.

Mentorship opportunities

You’ll receive opportunities to advise fellow Colony advisors on an area of interest or the next phase of their careers—for which you’ll be paid.

Meet a Few of Our Advisors
Marcus Lui
Marcus Liu
Executive Director, DTIA
“Open Colony is a genuinely progressive platform to match knowledge, talent and passion with organizations’ needs, solving for the limitations of the 20th-century employment model. I’m both humbled and excited to be one of the first from Asia to be part of this exciting community.”
Todd Wilkens
Todd Wilkens
CPO, Auctane
“Being an advisor with The Colony has been a true gift to my career. I've connected with some amazing professionals and stretched myself by applying my experience in many new contexts I wouldn't have had access to on my own. The flexibility has allowed me to engage with a breadth of people, ideas, and challenges while keeping my focus on my full-time role. It's also personally fulfilling to help people and organizations in such a targeted and impact-focused way.”
Aimee Cardwell
Aimee Carwell
CISO, UnitedHealth Group
“The traditional hiring process looks at what you’ve already done with the goal of getting you to do more of the same. Open Colony offers opportunities to leverage what you have done to pivot to new things you want to do.”
Don Loeb
Don Loeb
CEO, Headlands West Advisory
“Open Colony puts people in charge of their own destiny, making an impact and a living in a way that allows them to devote more of their time to do the things they care about most.”
Interested in joining The Colony?