Company Advisory

High-Impact Guidance from Battle-Tested Operators

Open Colony helps companies prepare for the future of work through curated, prequalified advisory services.

A Competitive Advantage

Gone are the days when battle-tested operators would devote decades—or even years—to one company. We curate access to these experts for high-impact, strategic engagements.

Trusted Expertise

Nothing is too “blue sky” or niche; we have seasoned experts in virtually every domain, from robotics and IoT to branding and design to M&A and fintech regulation to sustainability and social impact. Let us connect you to the right expert--or a “Dream Team” with a proven track record of success.

Two-Sided Prequalification

Our referral-only “Colony” of advisors has been rigorously vetted, and we likewise do a 360 assessment of your top executives and learn about your mission, culture and tech stack. This creates mutual trust and lets both sides hit the ground running faster.

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Speed to Impact

Our app handles booking, payments (in cash or equity) and scheduling. Just tell us your business challenge and we’ll quickly deliver the right expertise.

Typical Company Advisory Focus Areas
  • Strategy
  • Strategy review
  • Operational frameworks
  • Change management
Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows
“Open Colony is one of the very few collectives that is able to reach into a vast array of organizations, communities, regions and cultures. It provides access to profound knowledge and elegant solutions to very hard problems.”
Dave Hodgson
David Hodgson
Founder, CEO Nature Tech Nexus
"As the founder of a nature tech accelerator and fund, we work with diverse stakeholders -- from scientists to investors to startup leaders and activists all focused on ecological regeneration. Open Colony's platform supports our innovation ecosystem and accelerates our speed to impact."
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