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The nature of work has changed, and the best talent never stands still. Open Colony delivers rigorously vetted advisory services, helping companies and boards secure high-impact guidance from battle-tested operators—and empowering individuals to make bold career transitions.
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Our “Colony” of 1,000+ senior leaders is passionate about solving complex problems—wherever that takes them. We can source experts for any domain or functional expertise, from robotics and IoT to sustainability and social impact.
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Colony Insights
Peter Coughlan
Peter Coughlan
Co-Founder, Hasten Ventures SPC
"I've found conversations with Caitlin and other Colony members 
to be clarifying as so many of us are being called away from traditional careers into new types of organizations and new content. I'm particularly grateful for a process and platform that eases transaction burdens and provides well-informed guidance around advisory and board engagements. As the co-founder of an organization with big ambitions, it's great to know that The Colony can help us grow in a more appropriate and highly effective way.”
Jasmine Hyman
Jasmine Hyman
Principal Consultant, E Co.
“I worked with Caitlin Pulleyblank at a critical juncture in my career, and it became clear from the first ten minutes of our engagement that I was in the presence of somebody unusually intuitive, insightful and strategic. Caitlin brings authoritative knowledge on Silicon Valley culture and the rising tide of sustainability awareness within the big tech space. She helped me focus on the core issues that matter to me: speed to impact, family/life balance and strategic positioning for future growth. Caitlin's approach spans the usual range of life coaching tools and career strategy guidance, yet she exceeds the standard model because she adds to the mix a uniquely specialized knowledge in how the most powerful firms think and operate. It's an understatement to say that I felt lucky to have her in my corner; Caitlin is a secret weapon. She helped me leap into the unknown with confidence. Anyone who is plotting a transition, a step change, a sector pivot, or a career strategy would be fortunate to have her at their side.”
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